At Collins Aerospace, we understand that today’s pilots, co-pilots, flight engineers, navigators, observers and mission operators require advanced seating that adheres to the highest standards. Our family of fixed-wing seating products are currently used on six military aircraft platforms.

Collins Fixed Aircrew Seat Standardization (FASS) seats were designed, developed and tested to improve safety, comfort, reliability and cost of ownership. Collins FASS seats comply with current U.S. Air Force FASS specification, MIL-HDBK-516C, and meet 16g dynamic crash test criteria for a 250-pound occupant all while incorporating current ergonomic technologies to provide greater comfort.

Reliable seat design

  • 20-year seat life
  • No depot level maintenance

Adjustable headrest

  • To fit full occupant size range

Ergonomic cushion design

  • Contour memory foam
  • Extended duration comfort
  • Optimal mission effectiveness

Adjustable lumbar support

  • Enhanced occupant comfort
  • Up/down travel
  • In/out travel

Adjustable recline

  • Enhanced occupant comfort
  • Dual side controls

Inertial reel lock

  • Enhanced occupant comfort
  • Right or left side mounting

Adjustable height

  • Optimal operator effectiveness
  • Dual side controls

Swivel adjustment

  • Full rotation
  • Multiple increments
  • Dual side controls

Crashworthy seat design

  • 16G
  • 250 pound occupant

Fore/aft adjustment

  • Track interface
  • Dual side controls

Adjustable thigh support

  • Upward adjustment
  • Downward flex

Adjustable stowable armrests

  • Enhanced occupant comfort
  • Length
  • Angular
  • Reduced seat envelope


The 16g dynamically tested seats for a 250-pound occupant offer additional safety to the occupant, meeting MIL-HDBK-516C airworthiness standards.


Aircraft seat

All structural components are designed to last. Collins FASS seats are fielded by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and NATO on E-3 and E-6B platforms and the seat's reliability is operationally proven. The Collins FASS seat does not require any depot maintenance or special tools, helping to reduce operating costs. 


FASS C130 copilot seat

Ergonomic adjustment features enable occupants to tune the seat to individual preferences. Crews confirm that the Collins FASS seat delivers on comfortable design. The seat's comfort-enhancing features help reduce aircrew fatigue and increase mission effectiveness.