Before installing a new avionics system, it’s vital to test its integration using a System Integration Lab (SIL). These “cockpits on the ground” allow for avionics testing, troubleshooting, software design and training before installation for smooth implementation in your aircraft. We’ll scale production to your requirements, providing a custom testing solution for your avionics. Contact us to learn more about our SILs.

Features & benefits

  • In-house mechanical fabrication, laser marking and engineering
  • Customized racks, structural components and specialty harnessing
  • Console layout and build
  • Full integration and testing capabilities
  • Simulate malfunctions for critical situation training
  • Interconnect module for avionics testing
  • On-site technical support teams
  • Weekly video support conferences
  • Inventory and supply chain support/materials sourcing


Rocket launch

We offer Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) for space testing and simulation applications. Like SILs, our EGSEs offer advanced capabilities. 

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