The VOR-900 brings you the latest generation of the highly successful Collins Aerospace VOR radios. Using digital technology, the VOR-900 maximizes bearing accuracy by minimizing effects of temperature variation and aging. Implementation of 30-Hz bandpass filters in firmware gives you improved tracking of ground-station modulation frequency variations, and contributes to increased navigation sensitivity and better rejection of undesired components of received signal modulation. And our attention to its modular design and quality component selection means you get a system that accommodates ground station and environmental anomalies – and tolerates the system environment without nuisance warnings.

The VOR-900 includes a comprehensive end-to-end BITE that isolates a system problem to an individual LRU (either VOR itself or connected peripherals such as control panels, antennas, etc.), thus decreasing unnecessary removals. In addition, the front panel LED BITE display is simple, rugged and easy to interpret. So it can deliver confirmation of fault status in the equipment bay of an older aircraft design that doesn’t have a fault maintenance system.

  • Interchangeable with series 700 VORs
  • Compliant with ICAO annex 10 FM immunity
  • Meets HIRF and lightning requirements
  • Meets ARINC-700 form-fit-function characteristics
  • Aircraft interfaces via a serial ARINC 429 databus
  • Meets ARINC 600 racking and cooling requirements
  • Compliant with OEM environmental and software requirements