Keep passengers informed

ARINC AirVue provides real-time information to passengers wherever they need it – inside or outside the airport. Flight information, video, news and weather can all be integrated from different data sources and shared on multiple display formats. Integrated wayfinding helps passengers reach their destination on time and without hassle.

Reduce expenditure and drive new revenue

ARINC AirVue is designed to be budget-conscious and create new revenue opportunities. We use standard off-the-shelf hardware to reduce installation costs – and eliminate the need for custom bulky, expensive workstations. Smaller computing devices can be used to reduce display footprint and costs, while deploying AirVue in the cloud can reduce onsite infrastructure even further.

Designed with the flexibility to rotate multiple screens, change visual formats and incorporate displays, logos and video, ARINC AirVue’s advertising engine dynamically changes content to steer traffic to key revenue drivers with targeted advertising, boosting non-aeronautical revenue and improving the passenger experience further.

Improve operations, sustainably

An easy-to-use interface allows operators to dynamically update content, integrating real-time information from multiple sources with other systems, such as voice announcement systems or fire alarms. When an alarm is activated, AirVue displays can be overridden.

Fully scalable, ARINC AirVue can operate as easily on multiple enterprise servers driving thousands of display devices as it can on a single workstation driving only a few display devices. Whether deploying on single displays or high impact monitor walls, AirVue is multi-airport capable and highly customizable.

What’s more, deploying ARINC AirVue in the cloud and using dynamic power save management helps reduce energy consumption to deliver tangible sustainability benefits.