Ruggedized harnesses

Fiber optics harness
With over 40 years of experience in weaving, sleeving and shrink tubing, our engineers organize loose fiber-optic cords into custom cable harnesses that meet rugged environmental demands for flexure, abrasion and strain relief.

Total, precise inspection for top-notch quality

Fiber optic cables
We terminate and polish most types of multimode or singlemode fiber-optic connectors or military termini using precision pneumatic polishers and premium-quality diamond and silicone polishing films. We inspect all of our products for cracks, pits, scratches and contamination at 400x magnification or above. Adhering to all industry standards for ferrule shape and accuracy, we produce lab-quality UPC and APC singlemode connectors using interferometry, insertion and return loss testing.

Custom cabling options

Fiber optics harness
We offer a variety of weaving patterns, custom engineered backshells, brackets, fan-out kits and other hardware to accommodate unique configurations and breakouts. We can even combine individual fiber-optic lines with copper wire or mechanical tubing to produce a unique hybrid woven assembly.

MT ferrule specialty

Our engineers specialize in terminating the multifiber MT ferrule using both flat ribbon and round cable. The MT ferrule is available in two-, four-, eight-, 12- and 24-fiber configurations and is used in US Conec’s popular MTP connector as well as in some military connectors.

Fiber-optic cable capabilities

  • FC, SC, ST, LC MU and MT-RJo MTP, MT and Elite connector options
  • Riser or plenum rated PC, UPC and APC polish options
  • Simplex or duplex assemblies
  • Custom lengths and colors
  • -35 to -65 dB return loss (0 to -24 dB for ribbon)
  • All wavelengths and fiber types
  • Low insertion loss bare ribbon, 2 to 3 mm, ruggedized
  • Custom jacket options
  • Definable cable and breakout styles and lengths

Features & benefits

  • Precision polishing guaranteed
  • Customizable for your application
  • Optimizable for tight tolerance applications
  • Multiple breakout connectors (fan outs) eliminate adapters
  • Reliable, 100 percent testing and inspection