With some of the most experienced electric power system engineering teams in the industry and high power integration and test labs on site and at the ready, Collins Aerospace can provide a complete system of cutting edge technology, advise on system architecture, or provide discrete design solutions to drop into your existing system architecture. We’ll partner with you to get you where you need to go.

SEPV3 Generator system for Abrams M1A2

Proven, reliable power for today's warfighter

The tank of the 21st century requires an array of sensors, communications, data and information systems – and they all need electrical power. The Collins SEPV3 generator system for the Abrams M1A2 addresses this critical gap providing up to 1,000 amps of 28 VDC electrical power, from tactical idle to maximum engine speed. This electrical system upgrade ensures the Abrams has the power to successfully operate on the net-centric battlefields of today and tomorrow.

Inline power generation and hybrid propulsion capabilities

Silent, efficient and mission ready

Our Future Tactical Truck System (FTTS) Vehicle Hybrid Power System is a pre-built system that can be adapted or modified to meet your requirements. With this technology, Collins Aerospace will take you where you want to go.