Transforming airport operations

An all-in-one Airport Operational Database (AODB) and Resource Management System (RMS), AirPlan can be configured with multiple rules to meet your specific business requirements.

We’ve seamlessly combined the proven resource management benefits of AirPlan with FlightAware’s industry-leading data feeds and machine learning technology. Bringing more precise information directly into AirPlan means better data for better decision-making.

Real-time views and flexible deployment

AirPlan gives you full visibility of all your airport resources in real time – across one dashboard. Manage gates, check-in areas and baggage systems more efficiently, while using enhanced data sources and integration tools to power flight screens, manage security checkpoints, streamline alerts and simplify administrative tasks, such as billing and staff scheduling – on a daily basis or by season.

AirPlan easily integrates with third-party systems, such as flight and weather tracking applications, or other Collins products (e.g., AirVue™, cMUSE™, VeriPax™). A granular permission system lets you grant access to features as needed for added security.

With the combined capabilities of AirPlan and FlightAware you can expect:

  • A single source of truth for sharing data collaboratively
  • Faster turnarounds; more accurate ETAs
  • Improved resource scheduling; better billing data
  • Operational and fuel efficiencies that create cost and sustainability benefits
  • More time for mitigating irregular operations
  • Support for Type-B, AFTN, AIDX and other message formats
  • Personalized views, reports, and access
  • Help-desk and onsite support; cybersecurity consultations
  • Reporting and analytics

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Collins Aerospace AirPlan gives users an advanced and accurate view of all airport operations.

The power of predictive data

AirPlan is a solution designed to deliver efficiencies across your operations. Now, by pulling from FlightAware’s ForesightSM data feed and other FlightAware applications, such as the FirehoseSM flight tracking and global positioning data feed, AirPlan has more power to take efficiency levels sky-high.

The Foresight advantage

Foresight is FlightAware’s integrated data aggregation tool that uses modeling, machine-learning and specialized algorithms to analyze more than 50 sources of data values, or factors that may influence an aircraft’s flight status. That data is then used to estimate times of arrival (ETAs), as well as Taxi-Out Duration times, or departure times, that are among the most accurate in the industry.

Icon representing a spoke, in red

Taxi Time Prediction

A machine learning based prediction of the time it will take between gate departure and runway departure. Predictions begin three hours before departure.
Icon of an airplane

ETA Prediction

A machine learning based prediction of the time an aircraft will arrive at the gate and arrive on the runway. Predictions begin at runway departure.

Here’s how AirPlan with Foresight can help save you time, lower operating costs and help you fly more sustainably:

  • Machine learning based predictions of the time an aircraft will arrive at the gate (IN/EIBT) and arrive on the runway (ON/ELDT), allowing better utilization of resources
  • Foresight gives access to aviation stakeholders to continually updated ETA information that is 30 – 50% more accurate than anything else currently available, allowing time for mitigating measures
  • Foresight allows operators of constrained resources in the aviation ecosystem to make better operational decisions

Taxi time predictions support efficient ground operations, and can decrease fuel costs.

  • Machine-learning-based predictions of the time it will take between gate departure (OUT/AOBT) and runway departure (OFF/ATOT), starting 3 hours before departure, allows more time to adjust operations plans
  • Taxi-Out predictions are continually updated and provide significantly more accuracy in off-nominal conditions than anything else currently available, providing awareness to things like blocked stands
  • Operators have the tools they need to make smarter taxi decisions, which reduces fuel burn and costs

Collins ARINC AirPlan brings you advanced and accurate views of all your airport operations, as well as the predictive data you need to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and operate more sustainably – from the curbside to the runway.

Get in touch and find out how Collins can help you put the power of AirPlan and predictive data to work for you.

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