AirPlan is an all-inclusive solution for managing airport resources. It consists of an airport operations database (AODB) and a resource management system (RMS). AirPlan is available with cloud or on-premise deployments and enables users to manage resources such as stands, gates, check-in desks and baggage belts – all from a single application using a computer or connected mobile devices on the airports’ network.

AirPlan enables operators to maximize the use of existing resources to ease congestion and minimize turnaround times. AirPlan is an RMS that provides both strategic and real-time allocations for any type of airport resource and enables airport staff to optimize their operations.

Flight data from multiple information feeds helps AirPlan generate an accurate picture of airport operations. This includes access to FlightAware’s Foresight™ predictive data streams, both Estimated Arrival Times and Taxi-Out Duration predictions.

Designed to interoperate seamlessly with Collins' ARINC AirVue - our flight information display system (FIDS) - ARINC AirDB is scalable to any operation and built to adapt and grow as your airport's needs do. From curb to curb, we have every solution to maximize operations, mitigate airport congestion and create consistently cost-effective passenger services.

Features & benefits

  • Web application enables easy login from any device on the airport network
  • Cloud-based or on-premise deployments are available
  • Flight data is generated from multiple information feeds to generate the most accurate picture of operations
  • Interface is customizable to meet individual user needs
  • Resource types can be added for planning as required
  • Customer service support from experienced staff with industry-leading knowledge
  • Cybersecurity support helps ensure systems are protected and secure
  • Swing gates can be scheduled to reflect their planned international or domestic configurations

Watch: ARINC AirPlan

Collins Aerospace AirPlan gives users an advanced and accurate view of all airport operations.

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