We are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for helicopters, operators and missions of all types and sizes. Whether a mission involves providing humanitarian support, search and rescue (SAR), maintenance support or operating within today’s irregular battlespace, Collins’ helicopter solutions help you complete missions successfully and operate efficiently. That’s why we have become a trusted source for helicopter solutions across the globe.

Rescue hoists

For over four decades, Goodrich rescue hoists have saved countless lives across the globe. Trusted by crews aboard the major international platforms, Goodrich rescue hoists have built a legacy of unmatched reliability and safety – holding the most EASA & FAA certifications in the industry.

Imaging and autopilot systems

Our TASE Imaging Systems have over 250,000 operational hours and are a leading source of real-time intelligence to the warfighter and first responders. Small, light and powerful, our gimbals collect full motion, HD video in support of intelligence operations. In addition, our industry-standard Piccolo Flight Management System provides a complete solution for autopilot, navigation, flight management and ground control.

Drive shafts & flexible couplings

Our drive shafts and flexible couplings are designed to transfer power from the engine to various gearboxes on both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. The unique ability for our drive systems to accommodate angle and axial misalignment, without fretting, wear or lubricants – enables us to offer a highly reliable drive system with low operating costs.

Health and Usage Management Systems

Health and Usage Management Systems (HUMS) automatically monitor hundreds of aircraft signals through a network of advanced sensors and onboard computers. They increase helicopter readiness and safety while saving precious maintenance resources for commercial and military aircraft.

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