Turn your data into customized, predictive and actionable insight

Every day, on every flight, a vast amount of data flows into and out of the Collins Aerospace systems on your aircraft. Converting this data into intelligence is what makes it valuable to you. It requires a smart solution with systems expertise, manufacturing know-how and aircraft integration to extract, understand and transform the right data into information that can be leveraged to improve your operations in targeted ways.

Ascentia is the service solution that makes it happen. Through our advanced data management and analytics services for your fleet – including prognostics and health management (PHM) – we are helping to make the world’s best airlines even better.

Improve airline safety with Ascentia

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Ascentia: make informed strategic maintenance decisions for your airline

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Proven results

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decrease in potential delays1
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decrease in unscheduled maintenance2
  1. Related to Collins Aerospace components: 30% decrease in potential delays and cancellations related to components and systems monitored on the Boeing 787 fleet
  2. Related to Collins Aerospace components: 20% decrease in unscheduled removals for various components on the Boeing 787 fleet

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Collins Aerospace is transforming data into value with Databricks Lakehouse

Collins Aerospace is using airplane data from multiple aviation sources, through its Ascentia platform, to quickly and easily analyze data and predict future maintenance needs. Databricks Lakehouse allows Collins and its customers to stay ahead of critical aircraft care requirements.

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The Collins Ascentia difference

Ascentia uses three core data analysis methods to deliver the insights that help make your airline operations more reliable:

  • Physics-based modeling
  • Statistical analysis
  • Machine learning

Not only does Ascentia provide insights derived from these analytic frameworks, but our technical specialists also apply their deep systems expertise, providing you with timely maintenance recommendations that support proactive repairs and actions.

Pairing intelligent data with the people who know the ins and outs of your Collins Aerospace aircraft components results in clear and prescriptive guidance. You’ll have all the tools and information you need to address issues before they impact service and optimize maintenance schedules for cost effectiveness.

Your fleet takes flight

Ascentia provides analytics services for a variety of Collins Aerospace components and systems to help chart the path to an intelligent future with your data. We have an inventory of analytics on different fleets and platforms, plus the processes and expertise to tackle new analytics opportunities that will deliver the actionable insights you need to better manage your fleet.

Collect and transmit the right data

With the vast amount of data on your aircraft, it's easy to get bogged down in the sheer volume of information being generated or pull the wrong information into the mix. We have developed proven, rigorous evaluation processes to ensure we collect the right data to inform more efficient and effective operations.

Apply our systems expertise to your data

Since we design, develop and manufacture the component, we have an acute understanding of how to accurately and efficiently monitor and address the health of the part. Our service team is ready to help guide you through informed decision making, with the added benefit of our inherent knowledge and experience related to how parts perform across regions, fleets and operating conditions. The result is a much more sophisticated recommendation.

Advanced data analysis for actionable decision making

Supported by a team of data scientists, engineers, fleet monitors and customer success leads, we ensure maintenance recommendations are delivered in a complete and timely manner to help optimize your fleet's performance. With our expert service team in the loop every step of the way, you're not left to read and interpret recommendations on your own. You'll have exactly what you need to resolve all of your maintenance alerts.

FlightSense® managed services program, powered by Ascentia

Leave the next steps to us! With the combination of Ascentia and FlightSense, we provide the assets and repair services needed to complete the maintenance recommendation. You can rely on an end-to-end solution with Collins.

Continuous improvement

Collins Aerospace is always looking to the future and works diligently with our customers to continuously advanced and improve. We leverage emerging trends in data science for future development of best-in-class analytics and apply advancement to your Ascentia service on an ongoing basis. Our team of fleet monitors also keeps a close eye on performance after maintenance recommendations are made to ensure the at-risk condition identified has been fully resolved and future issues are prevented.

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