Both airlines and passengers benefit from our digital offerings because our full range of nose-to-tail and air-to-ground solutions provide better access to information, which leads to better decision-making. As a result, airlines see more fuel savings, enhanced flight performance and proactive maintenance capabilities. This means not only a greater return on investment for airlines, but also a better flight experience for passengers.

Whether it’s from ground and inflight operations to passenger satisfaction and beyond, our connectivity solutions help streamline operations, offer a more sustainable future and enhance the overall passenger experience. It’s time to unlock the true power of your airline, airport, or ANSP to access greater operational efficiency, see fewer flight delays and improve the overall passenger experience.

“We have everything an airline needs to enable a more connected ecosystem”

Can data make the difference?

Jennifer Schopfer, president of Connected Aviation Solutions at Collins Aerospace, talks about how RTX is solving the complexity of connecting the aviation industry. Through innovations in areas such biometrics and airport management systems, RTX is improving the passenger experience, reducing emissions and making air travel even safer.

Our connected aviation ecosystem brings together vast resources to help airlines solve complex challenges. We merge onboard hardware, air-to-ground connectivity, and ground and airborne applications with fleet-generated data to provide high-value, actionable insights. 

  • Connected cabin
  • Connected cockpit
  • Analytic solutions

Air traffic management

As global air traffic continues to increase, our connected aviation ecosystem solutions enable Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) to safely and efficiently expand airspace breadth and depth. This means the ability to accommodate the increase in volume as well as evolving requirements of new aircraft types.

  • Dedicated Global Aviation Network
  • Real-time worldwide flight traffic and insights
  • Flight support services for operators
  • Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP)
  • Aircraft communications and data services
  • UAS Traffic Management (UTM)


To realize the immense potential when airport systems share data and infrastructure, we provide the expertise to build robust and reliable architectures. Our comprehensive knowledge improves informational access and enables cost-sharing common-use equipment and applications, reducing congestion and increasing security.

  • Seamless passenger journey
  • Airport operations
  • Passenger processing

Data ecosystem accessibility

By seamlessly integrating multiple data sources, we provide robust, real-time intelligence in a consolidated, intuitive interface – on computer, tablet or mobile. Collins has also raised the bar on system reliability, lowering the learning curve and reducing everyday effort.

  • Apps & analytics
  • Enablement
  • Products and platforms
  • Connectivity

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