The EP®-8100 image generation system is designed for mission success. In a market where all other image generators are based on video-game graphics cards, the EP-8100 is driven by real-time, simulation-specific graphics cards and software designed for your real mission. It provides unmatched procurement cycles of five to eight years and life-cycle support in excess of 15 years. While leveraging game-like concepts, the real-time software is specifically designed for simulation and training applications.

Features & benefits

  • Meets FAA’s highest standard for simulator requirements, up to Level D compliancy
  • Industry-leading image quality and very high resolution, yielding superior pilot cues and “calligraphic equivalent” light point processing
  • Most realistic and effective weather and atmospheric simulations on the market
  • Intensifies light and allows greater visibility at distances 
  • The industry’s largest dedicated texture memory (16 GB of texture memory, 37 GB total memory), with higher texture resolution
  • Commercial off-the-shelf PC technology paired with a graphics pipeline composed of field programmable gate arrays
  • Pixel fill rates that drive the latest high-resolution projectors, supporting greater than 10 million pixels 
  • Maintainable and upgradable in the field
  • Life cycle support of 15+ years to protect your investment in the long term