We invest in resources to stay at the forefront of the ECLSS industry. We have leveraged our proven ECLSS technologies to provide streamlined components to the commercial space industry at a much reduced price. Our integrated approach takes advantage of state-of-the art tools and processes to provide comprehensive design, integration, qualification, production, and post-production support.

Collins Aerospace Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS)

Collins Aerospace’s new generation of Environmental Control and Life Support Systems enable pioneering commercial companies with a scalable, modular and proven solution. Learn more about how we are evolving ECLSS for the next generation of spacefarers, from LEO to the moon, to Mars and beyond.
Satellite hovering over earth

Life support products

Active Thermal Control Systems (ATCS)

Active thermal control parts

Controls the temperature of cabin air and electronic components in an environment that precludes reliance on convective heat transfer.

Air Revitalization System (ARS)

Air revitalization system parts

Controls the oxygen, CO2, trace contaminants and humidity in the cabin air to maintain a habitable environment for the crew.