Reduce the weight and overall cost of interior aircraft structures with Collins Aerospace's aeroREADY™ composite panels. The high-surface-finish interior honeycomb panel reduces the product weight by removing surface preparation materials. This saves on material and labor costs by eliminating the need for secondary surface preparation. After a light sanding and solvent wipe, the panels are ready to be primed and painted.

Features & benefits

  • Available in multiple sheet sizes from 48 x 96 inches up to 60 x 144 inches (additional sizes available upon request through our aeroADD™ family)
  • Capability to produce panels at a thickness tolerance of ± 0.010 inch
  • Elimination of labor and material costs associated with surface blemish elimination (fill and fair) operations, peel plies and surfacing films
  • Reduced weight by removing surface preparation materials
  • Reduced processing time
  • Free from telegraphing of the honeycomb core, pitting, dimpling and waviness
  • Accomplish processing on a variety of phenolic and epoxy panel constructions
  • If scratched during processing and handling, the panel can still accept a fill and fair to eliminate the blemish


aeroREADY panels can be used for any aircraft interior panel application where a painted surface is required or where a thin veneer or DuPont™ Tedlar® is applied and panel surface inconsistency may be visible.


  • Mechanical, physical and flammability performance of the panel is not affected

Product development & application engineering services

From concept design through qualification, our engineers will apply their expertise to offer the right solution based on the operators’ needs. The process starts with the initial step of evaluating the properties of the materials in the existing configuration. Subsequently, we offer alternate solutions that reduce weight, increase strength and/or reduce cost. Collins Aerospace's established relationships with a wide variety of material suppliers help ensure that your panel materials are ideally suited for your unique application.