Collins Aerospace’s ARINC Managed Services (AMS) can help reduce support costs while optimizing your resources. Managing the IT demands and complexities that arise every day, we provide proactive management and rapid response backed by Service Level Agreements.

Our expert assistance, tools and technologies, and 24/7 global support keeps your IT users up and running, helping operations run seamlessly.

Single-source provider

Whether you need to outsource your IT support or simply augment your staff, AMS IT system maintenance services provide the flexibility, reliability, and expertise to shape the best solution for your operations. As a single-source provider, we’ll reduce the huge drain on time and resources that multiple service providers create.

Reliable support

AMS ITIL-based Service Desk, a 24x7 support center for customers in over 85 countries, is a one-stop resource for all business processes involved in maintaining IT systems. We’ve built our name on the responsiveness, reliability, and expertise of our superior service desk.

Features & benefits

  • Dedicated, on-site IT personnel help optimize airport operational performance
  • Airport systems experts respond and resolve issues rapidly to maintain high systems availability
  • Preventive maintenance of systems addresses problems before they result in operational downtime
  • AMS on-site training resources maintains skill and proficiency of airport, airline and third-party personnel, creating optimal results from airport systems
  • AMS flexible skill set allows resources to provide additional support to other airport and airline systems such as parking, security and networks
  • End-to-end ownership of issue resolution results in seamless support

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