Collins Aerospace’s Simulation & Training Solutions brings both essential experience and proven technology to our CORE™ simulation architecture. This architecture can benefit you in wide-ranging areas – from new aviation product development through simulation and training products.

CORE simulation architecture provides value in a variety of ways:

  • A modular, scalable and open architecture provides the framework for a single, common, real-time simulation architecture that can be used in everything from early stage engineering prototyping and product development to the creation of desktop through high-fidelity training environment
  • Connects Live, Virtual, Constructive resources across different networks and protocols
  • Simplified collaboration through use of modern technology tools such as cloud-based data, network-based engineering environments and industry standards
  • Maximized software re-use during product design and integration that seamlessly extends into the training system development
  • A mature environment with a proven track record supporting both simulation and platform development, while providing over 99 percent availability

Features & benefits

  • Fully scalable architecture that enables a common structure between all types (engineering and training) and levels (part task trainer, FTD and full flight simulator) of simulation devices
  • Based on commercial off-the-shelf standards to ensure long-term supportability
  • Empowers user to customize any simulation without risk of modification to the architecture and its universal components
  • Enables total collaboration between multiple companies and government organizations working on the same program
  • Open architecture provides easy integration of third-party software

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Whether you need a spare to keep your aircraft flying or would like enhanced functionality on an existing product, Collins Aerospace offers extensive parts and repair services to meet your mission requirements and keep your equipment operational. We can provide new or used parts, engineering services or tailored performance based programs to support your mission requirements.

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