The armored pilot/co-pilot seat is tested to meet high G-loads with lower weight, increased comfort and customizable adjustability. The lightweight troop seats are qualified to meet 30g dynamic test requirements and can be mounted on a bulkhead or on a floor.

Pilot/co-pilot seats

pilot seat

Collins safe and reliable pilot/co-pilot rotary-wing seats are lightweight and can be customized for adjustability. These seats are ergonomically designed using modern pressure-mapping techniques and business jet comfort technology. Featuring an energy absorber and integral armored seat bucket, our pilot/co-pilot seats are qualified to the most challenging industry standards. 

Troop seats

rotary wing troop seat

Collins troop seats are dynamically tested to 30g loads for a 240 lb. occupant and feature a one-hand release buckle for safety. Available as either wall mount or floor mount, our troop seats can be installed in multiple positions on the aircraft for a variety of applications. They are currently being used on fielded rotorcraft.

Features & benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Increased safety
  • Increased comfort and adjustability
  • Low cost of ownership