Collins Aerospace wheels and braking systems offer airlines the latest technology with the lowest cost of operation. With decades of experience supplying state-of-the-art wheels and brakes to airlines around the world, we are ready to meet our customers’ needs for even the toughest environments.

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DURACARB® carbon brake technology

Our advanced DURACARB® carbon disk technology provides a longer brake life, providing overall cost savings. DURACARB is a heat sink material that offers lighter weight without sacrificing durability. Because of this, the carbon brake delivers more landings per overhaul (LPO). These brakes also operate cooler, with lower brake fluid temperatures for safer operation and longer life cycle.

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Lower weight

For example, save up to 700 lbs (318 kg) on Boeing 737NG

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Longer life

For example, significantly longer brake life compared to steel brakes and competing carbon materials

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Faster cooling

Higher energy absorption capability and faster cooling rates allow for shorter turnaround times

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Lower costs

Reduced maintenance and operating costs due to brake life improvement and weight reduction

Airbus A340-600

Certified 2002

Boeing 777LR

Certified 2003

Airbus A320

Certified 2004

Embraer ERJ

Certified 2005

Boeing 737NG

Certified 2009

Boeing 787-8

Certified 2011

Boeing 747-8

Certified 2011

Lockheed Martin C-130

Certified 2012

Boeing 787-9

Certified 2014

Airbus A350-900

Certified 2015

Boeing F-15

Certified 2016