Like most business jets today, your aircraft's flight deck uses ARINC communications standards that are compatible with air traffic control and aircraft messaging services all over the world. These flight decks require expert support in training and troubleshooting. We’ve been defining digital communications standards since deploying the first ACARS data link system in 1978. Today, our global VHF network is 99.99% reliable and trusted by airlines and operators all over the world.

Aircraft Data Link

Maintaining an active data connection with your aircraft from the ground is critical to flight safety and operational efficiencies; your crew and operations team need a provider they can trust. By integrating our global air-to-ground VHF data link network with terrestrial and satellite based aerospace messaging partners around the world, ARINCDirectSM provides reliable and redundant inflight aircraft messaging that only Collins Aerospace can deliver.

Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)

Data link through ARINCDirect enables appropriately equipped aircraft to communicate with Air Traffic Control in writing, reducing voice radio congestion and readback errors.

  • ATC clearances and crew responses via ATN CPDLC (AKA Link 2000) in Europe
  • ATC clearances and crew responses via FANS CPDLC globally, complying with the North Atlantic Data Link Mandate
  • ADS-C automated position reporting
  • 24/7 automated FANS CPDLC and ADS-C Testing on the live network
  • US domestic FANS Departure Clearance Service (FANS DCL)
  • US domestic FANS Enroute CPDLC
  • ATN and FANS coverage layers with logon information as part of the ARINCDirect flight planning tools
  • Message logs for audit and training purposes within ARINCDirect customer accounts

Airline Operational Control (AOC)

ARINCDirect data link subscribers operating appropriately equipped aircraft, can take full advantage of AOC functionality by sending and receiving operational messages pertaining to efficient movement of aircraft using the ACARS network:

  • Flight plan uplinks
  • Movement messages (OOOI reporting)
  • Pre-departure clearances (PDC)
  • Global departure clearances (DCL)
  • Oceanic clearance delivery (OCD)
  • Engine health monitoring broadcast to OEMs
  • Custom messaging to defined recipients
  • Email to/from aircraft

Space-based ADS-B featured service

ARINCDirect offers global, ADS-B based surveillance powered by Aireon. This space-based ADS-B offering is for aircraft owners and operators who want to take full advantage of their mandated ADS-B equipment. As the first and only 100% truly global tracking solution, space-based ADS-B increases flight safety and operational efficiencies for flight departments by eliminating aircraft position “blackouts” over oceans, deserts, polar regions and other known coverage gaps. With these advanced enroute tracking capabilities providing aircraft position data twice per-minute, you can always keep a pulse on your aircraft. Benefits include:

  • 100% surveillance globally
  • Elimination of service and safety gaps in areas of limited air traffic surveillance
  • Reduced response time to abnormal situations and gross navigation errors
  • Improved search and rescue response
  • Minimization of impact from operational and weather disruptions
  • Improved flight profile predictability

Flight deck weather graphics

Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect supports flight deck weather graphics for a variety of avionics types, including next-generation flight decks with Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion® as well as Collins Aerospace Pro Line 21® avionics suites and Honeywell Primus Epic®. As the only service provider capable of offering radar data outside of the continental United States, customers always have the most up-to-the-minute graphical weather in the flight deck.

ARINCDirect also supports all available weather graphics for the Collins Aerospace Pro Line avionics suites and, depending on the configuration, will display the graphics on either the CDU or IFIS. In addition, ARINCDirect supports weather graphics to Honeywell AFIS® units equipped with GNS-XLS or NZ-2000 avionics.

Training, testing, troubleshooting

Reach out to ARINCDirect for expertise in all things flight deck connectivity, including testing your FANS CPDLC and ADS-C installation on the live network, supporting crew proficiency and evaluating system performance. Our experts participate as part of the FAA's Data Comm Implementation Team (DCIT) and the Performance Based Aviation Rulemaking Committee (PARC), providing the business aviation and service provider perspective to regulatory authorities.


ARINCDirect Services

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