Collins Aerospace serves a substantial customer base including aerospace and defence contractors to provide marketing, operations and technical support services. We have grown from a product supplier into a systems and services business over the past decade. Key programs include:

  • Providing simulators to Australian Defence Force Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACS) at seven military bases across Australia
  • Developing and delivering Patrol Persistent Surveillance Systems (PPSS) to the Australian Army and Air Force,including the Australian-developed next-generation PPSS
  • Providing over 10 years of on- contract work supplying the Australian Defence Force with the Digital Terminal Control System, a digital joint fires system based on FireStorm™
  • Contracts with Australian and U.S. governments to supply military underwater navigation systems with integrated military GPS to allow special forces to navigate long distances under water with precision
  • Long-term partnership with all major Australian national and regional airlines
  • Pedigree of providing key technologies and services to multiple commercial and defence customers acrossall our product portfolios

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