MultiScan ThreatTrack™ Weather Radar from Collins Aerospace

ThreatTrack from Collins Aerospace

Bad weather can’t be controlled, but it can be avoided – with the help of Collins Aerospace.

The WXR-2100 MultiScan ThreatTrack™ detects and analyzes adverse weather phenomena and automatically displays weather that is a threat to your aircraft. Its advanced technology makes optimum adjustments to maximize the “probability of detecting” weather hazards during all phases of flight, reducing long deviations and delays to the gate and ensuring a safer, smoother and more efficient journey.

Advanced track-while-scan technology

Our patented track-while-scan technology tracks up to 40 cells while providing threats out to 320 nm.  By performing dedicated vertical scans on each developed cell or even fast-growing convective cells that could likely pose a threat, MultiScan ThreatTrack gives you the right information to make smart choices about your flight path.

Core and Associated Threat Assessment – at a Glance

MultiScan ThreatTrack conducts assessments of actual thunderstorm threats and provides associated lightning, hail and convective threat potential within and external to a thunderstorm core. The intuitive symbology displayed makes it easy to quickly understand the actual threat to the aircraft.

Predictive OverFlight™ protection

To ensure pilots are aware of turbulence that can be generated by cells developing below the flight path, our Predictive OverFlight protection tracks storm cells below the aircraft to measure growth rate predict bow-wave turbulence, and provide indication of potential threats.

Two-level enhanced turbulence protection

Our two-level enhanced turbulence detection identifies both severe and ride-quality turbulence up to 40 nm ahead of the aircraft, allowing for a safer and smoother ride for passengers and flight crew.

Automatic analysis

With MultiScan ThreatTrack, there’s no need to go to manual mode to “analyze” the weather – it’s done automatically, allowing for reduced pilot workload and improved situational awareness that allows for the most efficient operation of the aircraft when deviating for weather.

Other advanced features

  • Predictive wind shear detection with wind shear event data recording and retrieval
  • Advanced ground clutter suppression eliminates ground clutter on the weather display at all ranges, allowing pilots to concentrate exclusively on true weather threats
  • The quiet dark cockpit display provides a complete threat picture at a glance by clearly delineating threats while reducing pilot workload

High reliability

Global flight tests of MultiScan ThreatTrack have validated the performance of the threat detection concept in a wide range of weather conditions. In fact, it uses a database of geographic and seasonal weather variations for maximum performance, worldwide.

And like everything Collins Aerospace offers, MultiScan ThreatTrack promises high reliability, backed by our global service capability and 24/7/365 customer support.

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