Field tested and proven over many years and on multiple platforms, the TCN-500 is the latest technology airborne Receiver-Transmitter (RT) component of the Tactical Airborne Navigation (TACAN) system.

The TCN-500 RT measures the slant-range distance and relative bearing to a selected ground station or an airborne beacon and computes velocity and time-to-go to that station.

An optional configuration measures slant-range distance to up to three selected ground stations for RHO-RHO or DME-DME area navigation.

Features & benefits

  • Digital A-1553 outputs for both distance and bearing
  • Range: 390 nautical miles
  • Solid-state, 500-watt transmitter
  • Drop in" ARN-118 replacement when used with appropriate retrofit mount
  • Pilot selectable (manual or A-1553) air-to-air range ratio capability
  • Three-DME-station tracking capability
  • TACAN-550 available as a "beaconing" transmitter function