Offering true pole-to-pole connectivity with data rates up to 704 Kbps, your passengers remain informed and connected with reliable in-flight internet browsing, email, instant messaging and voice calls over IP, regardless of your terminal’s geolocation.

Elevate the traveler experience by delivering a connection speed of 704 Kbps with global coverage and low latency. Collins IRT NX offers real-time access to news, productivity and voice over IP, matching your passengers’ demand for seamless connectivity.

Iridium 4000 family suite

Iridium Certus is powered by a constellation consisting of 75 satellites (66 operational and nine in-orbit spares). Iridium Certus delivers the evolution from narrow to broadband IP-based data and voice services with a transmit data rate of 704 kbps. With true global coverage and a 10-fold increase in network capacity, Iridium Certus delivers without limits to data package size.

Illustration depicting Iridium global coverage

Collins Aerospace IRT NX SATCOM

Iridium has replaced the legacy generation 1 constellation with new Iridium Certus™ satellites. When your aircraft accesses this new constellation through the Collins Aerospace IRT NX SATCOM system, your passengers and crew can take advantage of higher data rates, enjoying global coverage. Other benefits associated with our IRT NX SATCOM system for Iridium include reduced weight hardware, an antenna footprint with minimum drag, and lower power consumption.

Illustration depicting Iridium global coverage

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