No documents. No queues. No hassle.

ARINC SelfPass™ is a biometric identity management system that allows travelers to move seamlessly through an airport using just a scan of their face. Passengers self-enroll and a secure link is established between passport, boarding pass, and biometric identity that enables faster, self-service processing at each stage of the journey, from check-in and bag drop to security and boarding. Repetitive document checks are no longer required.

Dramatically reduces the scope for human error

Not only does ARINC SelfPass help process passengers more efficiently, it also processes them more securely. The possibility for human error due to fatigue or other issues in identity checks is removed, reducing the risk of misidentification and repatriation costs. And staff can be redeployed to other parts of the operation, so fewer agents are required for boarding. The result? ARINC SelfPass customers are boarding flights in less time with fewer agents.

Agile. Flexible. Cloud-based.

Like other Collins Aerospace solutions for airports, SelfPass leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading cloud platform with the most extensive global cloud infrastructure, to deliver a scalable, solution that reduces onsite infrastructure and support requirements while increasing agility, resiliency, and sustainability.

Multi-touchpoint, multi-airline, multi-journey

With integrated solutions for the entire passenger journey, SelfPass can biometrically enable airport touchpoints for seamless travel. Our existing integrations to airline systems means multiple airlines can benefit from one common-use biometric solution. And our experience with both public and private identity service providers means SelfPass can be used by passengers flying to any destination, from any destination.

At Collins Aerospace, we put decades of industry expertise to work for you when implementing biometrics, so you can give your passengers a simplified, more positive travel experience.

Enabling the End-to-End Biometrics Journey

From check-in to boarding, Collins Aerospace’s next-generation biometric identity management solution lets your airport balance speed and security with one-step technology that improves the passenger experience.

A mother and father with their two young children walk through an airport