Reduce your energy consumption and enhance the passenger experience with our LED aircraft reading lights. Our aircraft cabin reading lights feature long life spans, minimal power draw and bright, uniform illumination. Built-in heat sinks and shatter-resistant casing help ensure your passengers’ safety. And with low-profile designs and custom styling options, these lights will fit right in with your existing passenger service units – no need for extra installation costs.

ELR12 High Intensity Reading Light

A focused beam of light creates optimal reading conditions in high-ceiling cabins

ELR13 High Intensity Reading Light

Perfect for illuminating a table surface, this light provides a directional beam with a wider spread than traditional overhead reading lights

ELR16 High Intensity Reading Light

This adjustable, focused reading light enables passengers to choose the right illumination for their needs

ELR17 High Intensity Reading Light

Delivers a dispersed beam of reading light ideal for business jets and VIP aircraft

ELR19 High Intensity Reading Light

With an adjustable, wide-angle beam of reading light, the ELR19 can illuminate a table surface with varying intensity