Nacelle actuation systems like our thrust reverser actuation system (TRAS) and power door opening system benefit from our worldwide production using the latest AVI technology to minimize costs for you.

Offering you unmatched industry expertise, we can support a variety of your requirements. These include: end-to-end system integration; development and certification from complex simulation and modeling; and fully integrated system test rigs.

Aircraft parts

P-DOS C-Duct actuator

At Collins Aerospace, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of design, development and certification of complete integrated actuation solutions. Our focus in research and development creates a wide portfolio of certified in-service products to the industry. These range from 3,000 and 5,000 psi hydraulic systems to 230 VAC variable frequency electrical TRAS on business jet, regional and long-range commercial aircraft applications.

Our nacelle door opening systems – both self-contained electro-hydraulically operated, as well as simple hydraulic actuators  –  can operate by ground supplied power sources.

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Locking feedback actuator

Features & benefits

Hydraulic TRAS

  • Used to position a nacelle translating sleeve to provide reverse thrust to the aircraft
  • Pressurized and deployed only during reverse thrust. At all other times the system is exposed to return pressure and stowed and locked.
  • Requires minimal maintenance and is highly reliable with over 600 million flight hours

Electric TRAS

  • Used to position a nacelle translating sleeve to provide reverse thrust to the aircraft
  • Deployed and stowed using an electric motor commanded by an electronic control box communicating with aircraft computers
  • Reduces aircraft weight 15 - 20% by removing fluid and pipework, compared to hydraulic TRAS
  • Reduces need for engine hydraulics
  • Integrates prognostic health monitoring for advanced system fault detection
Aircraft electro-mechanical part

Electric TRAS

Anti-ice valves

Collins Aerospace offers a wide range of functional architectures for anti-ice valves, which prevent ice build-up in the engine cowl and flight control surfaces.

actuatorDesign solutions include motorized, pneumatically and electro-pneumatically actuated movement of hydraulically controlled valves. Stainless steel valve body and graphite seals enable core valve components to operate bleed up to 450° C (842° F). The inconel body and seals can bleed up to 650° C (1200° F).

If you need full system integration with our valves, we can provide:

  • System modeling and simulation
  • Vibration under temperature and pressure operative conditions
  • Performance testing at system level under full operative conditions

Through our Lean production strategy, we can offer you low-cost solutions with high on-time delivery performance.

In-line poppet anti-ice valve (electro-pneumatically actuated)

In-line poppet anti-ice valve (electro-pneumatically actuated)

In-line poppet anti-ice valve (pneumatic)

In-line poppet anti-ice valve (pneumatically actuated)

Our customized capabilities cover the following platforms:


  • Main rotor actuation and tail rotor actuation
  • Weapon release


  • Flight controls


  • Control actuation system (CAS)
  • Thrust vector actuation (TVA)


  • Weapon Bay Door Drive System
  • Wing rotate
  • Wing fold
  • Pylon conversion
  • Air brake

Our actuation solutions are backed by a global network of dedicated engineers and technicians, meaning we're local to you 24/7/365. Our technical support offers tailored maintenance, rapid resolution, enhancements and so much more. And our global network of repair centers, extended warranty offerings and on-site maintenance services mean you keep flying.


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