The ARINC Global Network (AGN) connects Collins Aerospace customers and partners across the world, ensuring that airlines, airports, ground handlers and other aviation businesses can interact with their key communities of interest – reliably, securely and cost-effectively.

Our AviNet® suite of Network Services enables this communication over the industry-wide AGN global extranet. The unique backbone of the AGN is globally distributed, with built-in interoperability, offering a choice of technology that best suits each customer’s applications and budget.

The nature of this platform lowers the possibility of a single point of failure, leveraging an underlying network infrastructure of multiple certified providers that are integrated together and managed end-to-end. The network currently supports more than 3,000 customers worldwide – spanning over 230 countries and territories with connections to more than 600 data processing centers and airports.

ARINC AviNet® Airport provides connectivity for airlines to access check-in and back office systems through the AGN at more than 250+ locations.

Additionally, AviNet® IP provides managed IP connectivity over a highly available, highly secure, private network from non-airport locations (such as airline data centers) to the AGN.

Both products are available with a subset of options at various service levels and price points. For those systems and services that require lower service level agreements (SLA’s), Collins offers secure virtual private network (VPN) access to the AGN.

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Connectivity And Network Services

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