The Collins Aerospace RIU-4000/4100 Radio Interface Unit features digital signal processing technology and digital audio management for error-free radio sensor tuning and control. It also sets new standards for reduced size, weight and power usage in the business and regional aircraft market segments, providing data concentration and audio management for the Pro Line 21™ and Pro Line Fusion™ CNS family of products.

The RIU-4000/4010 combines the data and audio concentration features of the RIU-4100/4110 with the data-link communications management function of the CMU-4000. The RIU-4100/4110 is a foundational element of the Radio Suite. It links the radio sensors through a common I/O and data manager, providing the interfaces to the remainder of the aircraft systems. It enables data-link applications, allowing you to take advantage of all the communication management functions and advanced capabilities of new radios.

  • High-speed ARINC 429 I/O buses: These provide integrated tuning; enhanced quality digital audio and navigation data selection; SELCAL message management; maintenance data; and software data loading capability.
  • Reduced size, weight and power consumption: Gain maximum efficiency at minimum cost.
  • Internal diagnostic capability: Minimizes time spent on fault diagnosis.
  • Integrated data-link capability (RIU-4000/4010): Provides a more accurate means for transmitting and receiving information.
  • Fastest VHF data rate available today: Enables data transmission at 31.5 Kbps data rate (VDL Mode 2).
  • Manages multiple configurations of RF sub-networks: These include VHF, HF and SATCOM, including Iridium.
  • Two-way text messaging and storage: Allows you to retrieve messages at later time when you need detailed information.
  • Up-linked textual and graphical weather information: Supports strategic and tactical flight planning.
  • Automated off/on ground, position reporting and data-link SELCAL capability: Improves flight planning.
  • Reduces flight crew time spent on passenger service requests
  • Stores and downlinks fuel status and engine trend data
  • Provides fast, efficient Air Traffic Service communications: Includes ATIS, TWIP reports, departure and oceanic clearances and ATC advisories.
  • Provides an on-board printer output
  • Optional Link 2000+ PM-CPDLC capability
  • Compatible with multiple communications service providers