For the better part of a century, Collins Aerospace has been an innovator for aviation connectivity. Today. our wide range of messaging, data and security services connect air traffic controllers, airlines, crew members, airports, ground handlers and passengers who depend on information for smooth running of operations across the Air Transport Industry.

The breadth, complexity and importance of this critical data requires a reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure to enable the right information to reach the right destination at the right time. Given the critical role they play, aviation-based information management systems need to be highly secure with better than 99.99% reliability, such as that provided by Collins’ ARINC Global Network (AGN).

With the AGN at its core, Collins messaging solutions provide a breadth of services ranging from the infrastructure that enables message transmission to software applications allowing the production, consumption, integration and automation of messaging to successfully support all stakeholders within the aviation ecosystem.

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Collins ARINC Hermes messaging software manages all flight deck and back office communications in one central location to simplify critical communications and remove the need for multiple systems.

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