Around the globe, we provide customers 24/7 technical, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), and commercial services for aerostructures and engine build up. With our worldwide network and OEM knowledge, coupled with our 50 years of direct airline support experience and data, we are uniquely positioned to provide the solutions you need – both when and where you need them.

Our services include: Nacelle maintenance repair and overhaul services, fleet life-cycle management, rotable asset support, engine services, mobile end-of-lease inspections, spare parts distribution, used-serviceable (surplus) material, global airline technical support, product support engineering, one-off repair and manuals engineering, technical request support, and technical publications.

We invite you to explore our offerings below to learn more about our services and connect with us directly.

A mechanic inspecting an airplane engine

Nacelle Repair and Overhaul Services

Global MRO presence consisting of eight facilities with the largest MRO autoclave capacity. Supporting one-off repairs to full nacelle life cycle support

  • Customized support programs and inclusive on-site assets
  • Digital transformation on all shop floors
  • 24/7 AOG & technical support
  • Tailored repair and logistics solutions
cargo inside an aircraft

Rotable Assets

Largest inventory of nacelle spare units in the world. Globally available for exchange or lease to maximize the utilization of your fleet.

  • $800M+ of rotable nacelle structures distributed globally to support your operations 24/7/365
  • OEM tagged, latest configurations
  • Globally distributed, ready to ship within four hours
Nacelle engine exposed

Engine Services

For decades, we’ve supported engine shops and lessors for rapid dispatch of spare engines. These services include engine storage and maintenance services to ensure the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft’s engine.

  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul options
  • Engine strip and build-up, and support of full suite of QECs
  • Technical publications and retrofit engineering
  • Coordination with engine shops to ensure timing dispatch
Person holding tablet with nacelle in background

Mobile Teams - End of Lease Inspections

Physical inspection of nacelles and related documentation to verify that the delivery conditions are compliant for lease returns.

  • Lessor serviceability evaluation and onsite nacelle inspection and repair support
  • Part 145 approved (EASA, FAA) and Part 21 repair design organization
  • OEM approved advanced composite repair
a delivery man looking at packages

Spare Parts -  Distribution and Service

Around the clock and around the world spares parts distribution.

  • Parts distribution from both North America and Europe
  • $1B+ parts ready to ship
  • Over 38,000 unique part numbers in stock
  • 24/7 AOG support
  • Out of production stock available
serviceable used aircraft materials

Used Serviceable Material Sales

OEM tagged and repaired used serviceable material (USM) for spare parts and major nacelle structures. Available through our global MRO network and delivered from inventory and special order.

  • Recertified aircraft components for purchase, exchange or lease
  • Upgrades available for the latest configurations
  • Ready to ship all A320ceo nacelle structures
Customer service control center

Global Airline Support

We employ dedicated airline technical representatives to support your operational and maintenance needs, 24/7. Allow Collins Aerospace to be your airline advocate.

  • Customized on-site product support and service level reviews
  • Onsite product training and familiarization reviews
  • 24/7 AOG & technical support
  • Retrofit management, including rotable asset management
Two men walking in front of an airplane turbine

Product Support Engineering

Our program subject matter experts (SME) manage reliability and maintainability throughout the product lifecycle to ensure fleet dispatch reliability.

  • SME program/product updates, including support of major technical conferences
  • Entry into service, sustaining and out of production program management
  • Fleet management including; service bulletins, maintenance guidelines and service letters
  • Ground support equipment (GSE) design, development and user guides
a technician repairing wires

Repair Engineering

Supporting continued operational readiness by providing rapid repair dispositions 24/7, including AOG support and comprehensive repair manuals.

  • 24/7 AOG repair disposition
  • Delegated Part 21 approvals for direct customer disposition (i.e. EASA, FAA)
  • Extensive allowable limit development through continued testing
  • Structural repair manual development through life of program
  • Proven utilization of data analytics to reduce turnaround time to customers and proactive manuals improvements
a technician reading a manual

Technical Publications

Fully capable in-house team creating airframer manual material, including in-house direct publication of a full suite technical manuals

  • Portal administration, including access, support and document record management
  • Superseding, equivalent & electrical equivalent parts list (SEEPL)
  • Wide range of industry standard software capable of Integrated Engineering Technical Manuals (IETM)
Two men rolling a nacelle


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