First responders

First responders rely on our integrated avionics systems to get them where they need to go, safely, efficiently and effectively.

Airbus C295 flight deck

Search and Rescue

CH-149 Cormorant and Pro Line Fusion® for CC295

The CH-149 Cormorant and CC-295 Kingfisher are Canada’s primary fixed- and rotary-wing search and rescue aircraft. These robust aircraft enable the Royal Canadian Airforce to overcome challenges presented by the country’s diverse geography and climate, and to successfully perform search and rescue operations from coast-to-coast. Collins is proud to support Canada’s search and rescue capability as the future supplier of the advanced cockpit solutions for the CH-149 Cormorant and CC-295.

The RCAF and Collins

C-130H flight deck

CC-130H Hercules

Flight2™ integrated avionics system

The RCAF was one of the early adopters of this now standard C-130 flight deck solution, presently used on over 2,000 military aircraft. Collins continues to support this aircraft with the new WXR-2100 MultiScan ThreatTrack™ weather radar – an innovative system that detects, analyzes and displays threats to the aircraft.

Challenger 605-650 cockpit

CC-144 Challenger 600 series

Pro Line 4™ integrated avionics system

This forward-fit complete avionics solution is now being upgraded by many operators to Pro Line Fusion for an enhanced flying experience. Updates include: ADS-B Out, WAAS GPS, FMS and database enhancements, PBN approaches, synthetic vision and more.

Airbus C295 FWSAR


Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics system

The forward-fit complete avionics solution meets all of the needs and requirements of this new addition to the RCAF inventory, providing unprecedented safety, increased situational awareness and enhanced operational effectiveness.

Airbus CC-150 Polaris cockpit

CC-150 Polaris

Collins radio and navigation management systems

Collins was involved early in the development of this flight deck and provides several key navigation and communication components for the aircraft.

CF-18 Hornet

CF-188 Hornet

Collins displays, radios and Link-16 systems

Collins continues to support this RCAF aircraft with various products and systems as we look forward to the future fighter capability.

CH-47 flight deck

CH-147 Chinook

Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) avionics management system

Collins CAAS integrates multiple communications, navigation and mission subsystems through a flexible Flight2™ open systems architecture design.

CH-148 Cyclone

CH-148 Cyclone

Collins multi-function displays, navigation and communications systems

This RCAF flight deck is largely based on the widely used S-92 design.

CH-149 Cormorant

CH-149 Cormorant

Cockpit display and integrated avionics system

This proposed solution for the Cormorant Mid Life Upgrade is based on the Augusta Westland Standard, fully compliant forward fit solution.


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