Increase your mission readiness in high-threat environments. Our flexible defense and government service solutions are designed to ensure you are ready to go now – when now counts.

No matter where you operate in the world, completing your missions with minimized risk and lower operational cost will always matter. It’s why Collins Aerospace provides customers with exceptional service and support – from engineering services to aircraft spares to full life-cycle service solutions.

To ensure you have the right solution for your unique mission requirements, we’ll tailor one that gives you the increased availability, reliability, sustainability and affordability you need. When it really counts, you can rely on our guaranteed parts delivery, equipment service, support and test equipment solutions.

Collins Aerospace Life-Cycle Service Solutions: Ready Now

Key features and benefits

  • Increased parts availability
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Access to seven strategically located asset pools
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Increased mission readiness

Public-Private Partnership

  • Bridges the gap between the DoD and non-federal entities, opening a channel to technology, capabilities and reach-back to OEM experts
  • Improves mission readiness while reducing life cycle costs
  • Improves accountability and streamlines auditability

Customizable Performance Based Logistics (PBL)

  • Integrated maintenance solution for your avionics and communications/navigation systems
  • Increased parts availability with reduced turnaround time
  • Shared risk and predictable costs

Service Engineering

  • Component reliability and expert field service engineering
  • Proactive, on-site training program
  • Predictable costs, reduced overhead and purposeful funding

Obsolescence Management/Sustainment Engineering

  • Form-fit-function (FFF) solutions
  • Design removes obsolescence instead of putting a new box on the aircraft
  • Predictable costs and purposeful funding

Depot Partnerships

  • Provides in-house maintenance capability solutions that include test equipment, technology transfer and training
  • Collaborative partnership leading to improved MRO performance
  • Establish local intermediate (I) or depot (D) level repair capability

Repair Chain Management

  • Helps manage equipment repair and supply chain (orders, repairs, recertification, tracking and parts delivery)
  • Provides a single point of contact for Collins Aerospace and third-party equipment
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery with OEM certified parts

Exchange Program

  • Our ready-for-dispatch inventory eliminates your need for spares, reducing your overall cost
  • Minimizes overall part replacement turnaround time
  • Predictable, low-cost payment plan

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