Thermo-Mechanical Systems advances sustainable technologies through its work on thermal management systems for electric aircraft and hydrogen-powered aircraft, in addition to integrated cabin solutions – such as ventilation and air quality systems, fire protection, ice detection and multi-functional and intelligent structures. These efforts support aircraft safety and an improved flight experience for passengers and crews.

Focus areas

  • Innovative cabin air ventilation control architectures, including air quality monitoring and filtering technologies – a key combination in terms of meeting existing cabin air quality standards and achieving up to a 2% fuel burn reduction for the aircraft
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system integration into an aircraft seat to achieve personalized comfort control
  • Ice detection technology for Supercooled Large Droplets (SLD) icing conditions, including sensors that are capable of detection and differentiation among classifications of ice conditions
  • Development and demonstration of a high-performance, inert gas expansion system as a halon-free, cargo hold fire suppression system, to help prevent combustion
  • Fire models of lithium batteries, thermal runaway and fires, to evaluate effectiveness of potential suppressants
  • Development of components and systems for hydrogen-powered aircraft, targeting regional and small- and medium-range aircraft