Make your internal aircraft structures up to 38 percent lighter with Collins Aerospace's aeroFEATHER™ family of interior honeycomb structural panels. aeroFEATHER delivers the strength and performance of a double-ply aramid fiber panel design in a single-ply panel for significant weight savings.

aeroFEATHER panels can be utilized in the construction of interior monuments, cabinetry, galleys, lavatories, seat surrounds and privacy dividers, side ledges and side walls, and luggage bins. This unique panel construction provides high strength when weight reduction is critical.

Features & benefits

  • Available in multiple sheet sizes from 48 x 96 inches up to 60 x 144 inches (additional sizes available upon request through our aeroADD™ family)
  • Capability to produce panels at a thickness tolerance of ± 0.010 inch
  • Low weight – 38 percent weight savings compared with standard two-ply fiberglass/aramid fiber core panel design
  • High impact strength – 300 percent improvement in impact resistance
  • High peel strength – 8 percent improvement in peel strength
  • Superior flexural strength

Phenolic Fiberglass Skin/Aramid Fiber Core (⅛-inch Cell) (.010-inch Skin)

aeroFEATHER<sup>TM</sup> honeycomb panel
  •  Flammability: Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) 25.853 Appendix F:
    • Part I – 60-second vertical; 45 degree
    • Part IV – Ohio State University (OSU) heat release
    • Part V – National Bureau of Standards (NBS) smoke emission
  • Skins: 0.010-inch phenolic fiberglass
  • Core: Aramid fiber ⅛-inch cell, 3 pounds per cubic foot
  • Standard dimensional tolerances:
    • Length and width of ± 0.500 inch
    • Thickness of ± 0.010 inch
  • Panel dimension: 48 x 96 inches (up to 60 x 144 inches)

Product development and application engineering services

From concept design through qualification, Collins Aerospace's engineers will apply their expertise to offer the right solution based on operators' needs. The process starts with the initial step of evaluating the properties of the materials in the existing configuration. Subsequently, we offer alternate solutions that reduce weight, increase strength and/or reduce cost. Collins Aerospace's established relationships with a wide variety of material suppliers help ensure that your panel materials are ideally suited for your unique application.