Winds affect everything about air travel – from safety to flight efficiency to fuel costs. Understanding where favorable winds might exist along a flight path can have a tremendous impact on both safety and efficiency.

Collins Aerospace ARINC Winds Aloft is a flight deck service that provides information upon request relating to wind speed, wind direction and temperature at specified waypoints and multiple altitudes. The service uses the latest World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) data for accurate, up-to-date wind and temperature information to increase situational awareness and operational safety.

Winds Aloft customers can feel comfortable knowing this critical information is transmitted over the tried and true ARINC Global Network. With 99.999 percent reliability, Collins Aerospace networks become foundational to the communication of data throughout the skies.

And because this service offers the flexibility of combining with any data link provider, data link media or Flight Management System (FMS), installation is quick and simple with low set-up costs.

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