Flight personnel must be able to perform their duties safely and effectively – even in the event of smoke, in-flight fire or ground evacuation. That’s why we developed the OXYCREW® protective breathing hood. With extra safety protection, anti-contamination technologies and a flexible design, OXYCREW offers one of the safest protective breathing experiences in the marketplace.

Maximum Crew Protection

Oxygen hood mask

Our smoke hood offers protection for the head and chest against heat and dripping plastics. Oxygen provided in a closed-loop circuit helps avoid contamination in smoke or in-flight fire.

Ease of Use

Oxygen equipment case open

We designed the hood with the oxygen source away from the head and neck, reducing heat and noise stress and allowing the wearer to move around more easily.

The smoke hood comes packed in foil and covered by a lightweight container to provide easy access. An indicator and seal on the container let crews quickly check OXYCREW’s status between flights. And we offer several different dimensions of lightweight stowage boxes for flexible placement.

New Slimline Design Option

Oxygen equipment case

To take advantage of the latest in space and weight-saving cabin designs, we’ve introduced a cabin attendant seat (CAS) version OXYCREW featuring a new slimline box that can be stowed in the headrest compartment of the attendant seat. It carries the same hood as the standard OXYCREW in fit, form and function.