Warfighters need the ability to adapt and quickly respond to the evolving battlespace. The Collins Aerospace Cargo On/Off Loading System (COOLS) for the CH-47 Chinook offers operators the flexibility to quickly respond to these mission changes. COOLS converts from a flat floor for troop transport to a cargo floor with rollers in less than 15 minutes – in-flight or on the ground with no tools required.

COOLS offers complete transport rollers and a unique pallet locking system that accommodates combinations of small and large pallets. The entire system provides operators with up to 20 percent weight savings, which can help increase fuel efficiency and increase payload.

The new Lightweight Ballistic Protection System (LBPS) is completely qualified and interchangeable with existing COOLS under floor Ballistic Protection Systems, providing crew protection with additional weight savings.

COOLS is currently available for the CH-47F and CH-47D.