Collins Aerospace is at the forefront in the design, development, manufacturing and qualification of main rotor, tail rotor and tilt rotor actuation systems. With more than 650 million flight hours, our helicopter rotor actuators for commercial and military platforms offer reliable, tested and customizable solutions to support mission safety in highly demanding conditions.

Wire rendering of helicopter engine

Fly-by-wire main rotor actuators

Main rotor and tail rotor actuators control the main rotor pitch on a helicopter. Our rotor actuators are controlled by either servo-valves or direct-drive valves and the latest advancements in rotorcraft technology.

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Tail rotor actuation (MRA)

Main rotor actuation (MRA)

With its long heritage in supplying mechanical flight control actuators and electromechanical solutions, our large portfolio supports a wide range of platforms. We can offer you extensive experience with failsafe design, including redundancy and fail safety parts.

Electro pump

Maintaining a strong focus on research and development enables us to extend the time between overhaul of our actuator technologies. It also lets us simplify actuator control system architecture. Customized test equipment and vertical integration capabilities provide added support for your unique needs.

Fly-By-Wire controlled via quad direct drive valve

Our customized capabilities cover the following platforms:


  • Main rotor actuation and tail rotor actuation
  • Weapon release


  • Flight controls


  • Control actuation system (CAS)
  • Thrust vector actuation (TVA)


  • Weapon Bay Door Drive System
  • Wing rotate
  • Wing fold
  • Pylon conversion
  • Air brake

Our actuation solutions are backed by a global network of dedicated engineers and technicians, meaning we're local to you 24/7/365. Our technical support offers tailored maintenance, rapid resolution, enhancements and so much more. And our global network of repair centers, extended warranty offerings and on-site maintenance services mean you keep flying.