The AFD-2120 is a large-area, high resolution Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) supporting an integrated avionics display system with the following features:

  • 15.1 inches of useable display area
  • Advanced Super View (ASV) technology, providing superb color fidelity over a wide field of view
  • Remote Light Sensor providing a consistent presentation by adjusting to ambient light changes
  • True split screen capability
  • Adaptable to evolving cockpit technology/applications such as:
    • Moving Map
    • Real time Weather
    • Electronic Flight Bag applications
    • Synthetic and Enhanced Vision
    • CDTI applications
  • Five fold increase in reliability dramatically reducing line maintenance actions.

The technical capability/adaptability combined with the displays size, weight, depth, low power and split screen capabilities has made it the display standard across 737MAX, 787, 777X, 767 line fit and 757/767 retrofit systems.