The intelligent aircraft generates significantly more performance data than its predecessor, which can lead to better information when the flow of data is seamlessly united across the aircraft, airline and ground applications. Collins Aerospace offers a range of Connected Cockpit solutions that unlock the true value of the connected aircraft using a full range of nose-to-tail solutions.

Our turnkey platform for ground tools, value-added applications and messaging/media connectivity can handle multiple datalinks, including legacy SATCOM, as well as newer Internet Protocol links such as broadband satellite, Wi-Fi and cellular. With new connectivity options comes the ability to provide a more robust pilot experience, including real time in-flight access to larger amounts and more informative data from the ground.

That’s not to say that voice communications aren’t just as critical to the aviation industry today as they were 90 years ago, when airlines first counted on us to be their air/ground link for flight information and operational control, weather updates and to report emergencies. We’re setting the industry standard for reliability and coverage by providing crisp, clear communications between flight and ground crew anywhere in the world.

As a trusted provider of connected aircraft solutions, Collins Aerospace continues to create a range of innovative products and services designed to utilize data throughout the Connected Cockpit now – and in the future.

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