Stay future-ready with our ALT-1000+ and ALT-4000+

Features & benefits

  • Accuracy: Delivers crucial height data when it matters most – at low altitudes during landing approach. Accurate to within two feet.
  • Radar height: Measures above terrain up to 2,500 feet.
  • Full temperature/altitude capability: Maintains high performance within a wide range of conditions.
  • Stringent lightning and HIRF hardening: Proven ruggedness for excellent reliability.
  • Lightweight: Each unit weighs 4.7 pounds and includes flexibility for reducing antenna cable weight.
  • Direct plug-and-replace versions: Upgrading to the ALT-1000 or -4000 is easy for customers flying with Collins Aerospace ALT-55B or ALT-50A radio altimeters.
  • Four ARINC 429 digital buses: Eliminates the need for external converters (ALT-4000).

Available with an approved model list, the ALT-1000+ and ALT-4000+ are offered as new solutions, as exchanges, or as part of a service bulletin upgrade.

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