Self-contained and easy to use, our Pulse® Portable oxygen system features an optimized oxygen delivery system. Pulse Portable’s innovative lightweight composite design and advanced Pulse technology reduces the number of cylinders you need to have on board – lowering weight and reducing operating costs.

Optimized Oxygen Delivery

Pulse Portable uses oxygen more efficiently, coordinating oxygen delivery with inhalation. As a result, the system requires smaller, lighter cylinders. In many cases, you can reduce your required cylinders by up to half, lowering your operating costs.

Easy to Use

Pulse portable horizontal cannister

Activated by a single-lever system that requires three off-the-shelf AA batteries, Pulse Portable is simple to maintain. When the charge-level indicator is full, the batteries can operate the system for at least three hours.

Durable Components

The system is ruggedly constructed to withstand the repeated handling typical in airline service. It comes complete with a pressure gauge, carrying strap and mask stowage pouch.