The Collins Aerospace HF-9000D airborne communication system is a highly versatile, all solid-state, digital, high-frequency radio communication system for both fixed- and rotary-wing airborne applications. Advanced features include digital signal processing (DSP) technology to provide embedded features in a lightweight, compact system.

Control options include manual, RS-232 and MIL-STD-1553B. Built on a strong foundation of quality long-range HF radios, the HF-9000D provides users with tactical advantages and lower life-cycle costs.

Its powerful 200-watt peak envelope power (PEP) operation enables effective long-range communication. And its family of antenna couplers is designed to effectively match all standard airborne antennas, providing maximum range and outstanding talk power.

The HF-9000F system is a form, fit, and function equivalent of the HF-9000D system, but has a ruggedized chassis to tolerate the extreme environmental demands of high performance fighter aircraft.

Features & benefits

  • The HF-9000 family is exportable worldwide
  • Automatic link establishment offers best clear-channel selection
  • Digital signal processing
  • Global range and 200 watts of power assure continuous tactical communication
  • Embedded data modem
  • Upgradable to meet future requirements

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