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We provide the parts, hardware, software and cloud-based tools that enable interaction on a customizable platform to improve the execution of your flight crew, ground crew and airline operations. With its turnkey modular structure, InteliSight is easy to implement.

Collins offers industry-leading 24/7 global support from our worldwide network, to ensure our customers’ success.

Flight crew solutions

Aircraft data management device

With InteliSight solutions, pilots have intelligent recommendations at their fingertips wherever they are, enabling them to adjust aircraft operations based on real-time data.

Data, such as situational or fuel on-board indications, are collected and aggregated from the aircraft. Other information, such as alternative flight plans or weather forecasts, can be sent from ground operations to pilots. Access to the data from both air and ground enables successful collaboration and coordination throughout the entire operational team.

Our InteliSight advanced applications provide immediate access to live data, resulting in enhanced decision-making, improved fuel consumption and optimized time schedules. InteliSight increases the opportunity for on-time departures and arrivals – leading to a better passenger experience.

Technical operations solutions

Aircraft personnel overlooking plans

The InteliSight platform enables tablet devices to function as Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) by interfacing with avionics and displaying key data for commercial aircraft operators. Previously unavailable to tablet EFB users, our innovative system resides on our best-in-class Aircraft Interface Device (AID) with the installation kit fitted to your fleet configuration.

Mobile tablet technology on the flight deck enables Technical Operations (TechOps) staff to receive information from the aircraft prior to arriving. Through health monitoring and technical logbook-hosted solutions, InteliSight can aid in anticipating and reducing the burden of turn-around activities.

Airline solutions

Flight data on tablet

Our Aircraft Interface Device (AID) enables large amounts of data generated by the aircraft to be shared with ground-based teams at locations maintained by the operator, enhancing crew awareness of flight operations. Combining the aircraft health information with global positioning information enables operators to maintain a clear view of their entire fleet, in-flight or on the ground, at any given time. The aircraft's health and position reporting integrate with a variety of communications providers including SATCOM and Cellular. The frequency and volume of data sent to ground teams can be tailored, including customizable triggers, allowing for additional time to mitigate any safety or maintenance concerns.

Collins InteliSight portfolio includes an integrated service to ease field loadable software upload operations. Physical media and portable data loaders are no longer required. The digital load can be uplinked to the aircraft wherever it is, and any operator can support the data loading operation using a simple EFB.

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