A global ecosystem of integrated aviation solutions

As a global leader in systems engineering platforms and digital communications, Collins Aerospace is leveraging its connected ecosystem of integrated aviation solutions to help safely, efficiently, and sustainably improve global airspace utilization.

Aviation-dedicated global network system

Global network of satellites

The ARINC global network is at the center of air traffic services and complex flight operations around the world. It is the backbone of aviation and has been since ARINC was established in 1929. For nearly 100 years, the ARINC global network has grown with aviation – connecting crew and passengers in the air to flight services, friends, and family on the ground. Today, it is more than just a secure air-to-ground communications network enabling safety-critical messaging and vital operator efficiencies. It is a digital systems engineering platform designed to help the aviation community solve its most complicated problems.   

  • Reliable, 99.999% global network availability
  • Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) network
  • Aeronautical Operational Control (AOC) comms
  • AviNet™ airport network connectivity services
  • Global VHF/HF Air-to-Ground communications network
  • Integrated SATCOM and terrestrial aviation networks
  • Aviation-dedicated messaging and data management
  • Customizable hosted network solutions

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Real-time airspace surveillance, aircraft tracking and insights

Air traffic control

Collins Aerospace provides live aircraft tracking, airspace monitoring and data-driven insights for every segment of aviation. Through its digital flight status and data platform that serves over 10,000 aircraft operators and service providers as well as over 13,000,000 passengers, FlightAware improves the fidelity of flight information around the world. And with data from air traffic control systems enables predictive technologies, analytics, and decision-making tools for enterprise grade solutions.

  • World’s largest terrestrial ADS-B network
  • Integrated space-based ADS-B network
  • Global real-time flight tracking APIs
  • Historical flight data reporting and analysis
  • FlightAware TV live flight tracking
  • AI modeled predictive ETA

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Operator flight support services

A person holding an ipad with operator services software running on screen

Every year, hundreds of thousands of flight plans are computed, filed, and digitally uplinked to aircraft around the world using Collins Aerospace flight planning and operations scheduling services. With more than 5,000 medium to heavy aircraft using these services and an average of more than 2,500 flight plans filed each day globally, aircraft owners and operators can trust Collins to keep their flights safe and their fleets in motion.

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Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) solutions

Airport telecommunication employees

Through its end-to-end, globally integrated ecosystem of connected aviation solutions, Collins Aerospace is helping ANSPs support complex air traffic management systems in ways that few, if any, other aviation services provider can. This is because requirements to modernize air traffic management systems differ widely from one ANSP to another. Each has their own set of airspace technologies, Air Traffic Control (ATC) resources and regulatory guidelines to work with. While these challenges make it difficult to modernize airspace, the Collins connected aviation ecosystem makes it easier. From flight support web apps to a 24/7/365 Flight Operations Center and the aviation-dedicated, ARINC global network that connects everything in between, Collins’ technologies are helping to improve predictive air traffic management modeling, automate real-time enroute vectoring and reduce airspace utilization inefficiencies for all users.

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Integrated communications and data services

Integrated communication display

Aircraft connectivity and services are essential to air transportation, critical to flight safety and important to the modern traveler. Through intelligently integrated aviation-dedicated global communications and data services, Collins Aerospace connects ANSPs, airlines, private operators, airports, FBOs, crew, dispatchers, schedulers, aircraft maintenance and even the passengers we all serve. And as owner and operator of one of the largest VHF/HF Air-to-Ground networks available today, Collins knows a thing or two about aviation communications. From satellite voice and Data-Link safety services to the high-speed internet solutions that define today’s passenger experience, Collins has them all. Each of which are backed by a dedicated 24x7 technical support team and globally stationed field technicians.  

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UAS Traffic Management (UTM)

unmanned aerial vehicle delivering a package in the city

With an exciting vision for the future of aviation, Collins Aerospace is working with governments, academia, and industry partners to unleash a new era of autonomous flight. One of the biggest obstacles to realizing Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is sufficient infrastructure to support Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Through the harmonization of existing capabilities with new innovations across Collins Aerospace and its partners, Collins is accelerating research and development for a safe, affordable and platform-agnostic approach to UAS Traffic Management (UTM) that can support the unique needs of ANSPs around the world.

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