Collins Aerospace’s family of LightLOC® solutions take security to the next level. Our patented, fiber optic based security systems provide optimum perimeter and access security for manholes, gates, doors, underground pathways, perimeter vehicle detections and custom applications.

Designed to be adaptable, LightLOC monitored locations up to 30 km away can function without the need for electrical power. Sensors and cables used in the system are developed and manufactured by Collins. Since altering or destroying optical components triggers alarms automatically, our LightLOC systems are inherently tamper-resistant.

We serve many markets in the United States and internationally that require the highest level of security including nuclear power plants, DoD sites, military installations, government agencies, underground utilities, data centers and more.

Collins family of LightLOC solutions

Universal SmartSWITCH Contact-based Sensor

Smart switch box

Universal SmartSWITCH is a non-electrical, contact-based sensor for monitoring manholes and handholes. This highly adaptable sensor offers a host of other monitoring solutions such as cabinet doors, junction boxes and anywhere that movement of a barrier is necessary to gain access to an asset.

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SmartGRATE Barrier


LightLOC SmartGRATE is a physical barrier that prevents and/or delays and detects penetration through underground pathways. Our SmartGRATE design consists of a lattice of intersecting steel tubing laced with optical nerve fiber.

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Multi-port Express Monitoring System

LOC light controller rack

LightLOC Multi-port Express intrusion detection device is designed for use with sizable systems of LightLOC fiber optic perimeter sensors. Our cost-effective Multi-port Express handles eight independently monitored fiber circuits in 1U of rack space.

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Express 2 Monitoring System

LightLOC Express

Express 2 is a user-friendly fiber optic modular zoned system that is ideal for single alarm point monitoring. It is capable of monitoring any of the LightLOC sensing devices including manholes, grates, gates and vehicle detection cables.

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LightSentry™ Monitoring System

LightLOC control module box

LightSentry™ monitoring system is a cost-effective intrusion detection device designed for use with sizable systems of LightLOC fiber optic Universal SmartSWITCH sensors. LightSentry handles eight independently monitored fiber circuits with up to 50 switches per circuit (400 total switches) in 3U of rack space. 

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LockDown™ Security Pan With Integrated LightLOC Tamper Sensors

LockDown product photo

LockDown™ security pan has integrated LightLOC tamper sensors offering a manhole security solution that protects against intrusion into underground infrastructure. Controlling access to your facility, data or equipment includes the underground access points that often leave infrastructures vulnerable.

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