Collins Winslow aviation life rafts are among the world's finest. Our Aviation Ultra-Light™ life rafts have been rated #1 in every independent life raft evaluation that includes them. When you fly with a Winslow life raft on board, you are trusting us with your life – we keep that foremost in mind with every life raft we build.

Super Light Rescue Raft

Super Light Rescue Raft (SLRR)

When your anticipated survival needs are short term, in protected waters or near shore, the Winslow Rescue Raft is the correct choice for you. This single buoyancy tube platform provides hypothermia protection, enhanced visibility and keeps everyone together as a group. Starting at only 16 pounds, the Rescue Raft is perfect for the small, single engine aircraft, where space and weight are at a premium.

Ultra Light Offshore

Ultra Light Offshore (ULO)

When safety and security are your top priority, but you are not required to carry an FAA approved life raft, the Winslow Ultra-Light Offshore (ULO) is the life raft for you. Modeled after the award winning Winslow FAUL, the ULO has all the benefits of our FAA approved life raft. With the ability to custom pack the life raft to fit your aircraft storage requirements, and starting at under 40 pounds, the Winslow ULO is the right life raft for all your helicopter and general aviation needs.

Law Enforcement Emergency Pack

Law enforcement emergency pack

Designed to be carried on law enforcement and emergency rescue helicopters, marine vessels or land vehicles for deployment to rescue survivors in the water. The life raft can deploy directly from the shore, from a marine vessel or air dropped from a hovering helicopter using a 10-foot static deployment line. The life raft is vacuum-packed in a valise case, then stored inside a protective Pelican case until needed.


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