Collins Aerospace's DPC-4000 is the newest mission computer in the product line. With an industry-leading quad core processor, the DPC-4000 is powerful yet rugged enough to be used in the harshest military environments.

The DPC-4000 will hold lineage to industry-leading civil certification, which is in process. It will have certification for the display of flight critical information as well.

The unit's open architecture is incorporated within the partitioned environment, making it customizable and cost effective to take from platform to platform. It has video-out capability to drive multiple 4K, ultra-high-definition (UHD)-resolution cockpit or mission displays.

Features & benefits

  • Industry-leading quad core processor
  • Rugged design for operation in the harshest military environments
  • Video out to drive multiple UHD monitors
  • Capable of displaying symbology, video, combinations and overlays
  • Capable of displaying multiple video formats, including FLIR or map video
  • Displays EFIS, EICAS, targeting or navigation data
  • Field programmable

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