• Avionics- Commercial and government Avionics systems and services, including strategic Navigation, Communications and Situational Awareness solutions for the aircraft flight deck, as well as aircraft sensors, fire protection equipment and cabin management and content systems.
  • Connected Aviation Solutions - the Collins Aerospace Information Management Services (IMS), combined with newly-acquired FlightAware organization (flight tracking and notification company) bring together a comprehensive and Industry-leading set of digital capabilities, which allow Collins to deliver a broad set of customer-focused solutions for our aviation connected ecosystem.
  • Defense – Secure military communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, precision navigation and guidance, missile actuation, strategic command and control; unmanned aircraft systems, simulation, training and range instrumentation, electronic warfare, ejection seats and propulsion, and spacecraft systems.
  • Interiors – Aircraft seating, evacuation systems, life rafts, galleys and galley inserts, lavatories, aircraft lighting and de-icing products.
  • Mechanical Systems – Landing systems, propellers, actuation, flight and pilot controls, hoist and winch systems, and cargo systems.
  • Power & Controls – Electric systems, air management, engine controls, and airframe controls.

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