For time and budgetary efficiencies, we develop our designs using software applications for realistic 3-D modeling and animated fly-throughs that emulate the passenger experience. Ultimately, we’ll design products that bring your brand to life while remaining functional, reliable and aesthetically pleasing.

Get the Passenger Experience

Aircraft seating

Our virtual and augmented reality capabilities put you in the cabin as the passenger. Sit in the seats. Open overhead bins. Wheel a carry-on down the center aisle. Learn what works and what could work better.

Save Time. Save Money.

Heat monitoring seat

A standard mock-up of a cabin interior can cost up to $500,000. Our advanced design techniques enable you to see three or four variations on a design without creating separate mock-ups, saving thousands in design hours and costs.

Reduce installation errors

Augmented reality technology enables us to make individual seat parts and fasteners glow in different colors during assembly and installation. Simply matching colors reduces errors during the process.