With an intuitive interface that streamlines workflows, Izon is built to increase efficiency and eliminate redundant processes, enabling users to focus on higher-value tasks. Also, since Izon is mobile-friendly, this integrated solution is available where and when it’s needed – on virtually any device with an internet connection.

ARINCDirect: Izon Connected Platform

Izon: Elevating the business aviation digital experience to reduce costs, enhance the flow of information and improve operational efficiency.

Izon iPad app

Capabilities and features

  • Pilots can now easily access all their ARINCDirect services – including Next Gen Flight Planning – from an intuitive, centralized hub
  • Fleet status and tracking applications for situational awareness
  • Calendar Exchange for simple mission and asset management
  • FlightAware Integration for more accurate ETA prediction and ground operations visibility
  • Weather intelligence and actionable insights from AviationSentry®, Powered by DTN


Constantly evolving

We’re continually innovating and integrating new functions and capabilities into the Izon Connected Platform to meet the ever-shifting requirements of business aviation — and to make your job easier. New features added to Izon include:

  • Customization and personalization: Enables users to tailor their experience to meet their individual needs or the task at hand
  • Multifactor authentication: An additional layer of security to address today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber threats
  • Single sign-on: Making it easier and more convenient for users to log in and switch between applications
  • Day/night mode: Allows users to customize their experience for easier viewing, regardless of the time of day
  • Dashboard data integration: Enables seamless data integration and the use of dynamic widgets that display up-to-date data within customized dashboards

Get Connected

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